Name Labels – Litebrite


Personalise things like books, containers, a lunch box and other small items with these cute adhesive name labels.

  • Each set of stickers contains 15 sheets of 6 stickers for a total of 90 stickers
  • Each sticker is 22mm x 22mm with rounded corners
  • They’re scratch-proof and come in perforated sheets


Can I write on the stickers and labels?
NO for StickerBooks/Mini Labels and Round Stickers/Labels. The sleek glossy finish means that ink won’t stick.

Are the Stickers and Labels waterproof?
The adhesive used is considered a permanent adhesive, so it should last and stay sticky for a long time; however, different conditions could affect performance. Over time, if continuous wear is applied (for example, washing or being exposed outdoors to rain, sun, snow, etc.), then both the laminate and the varnish coating may wear off and the adhesive may lose its effectiveness.

How sticky and durable are the Stickers and Labels?
Very sticky – although they should peel off most smooth surfaces quite easily. They’re not designed to be re-stuck many times. As for their durability, they are covered in a scratch-resistant laminate or varnish coating, so they stand up pretty well.

Can the Stickers and Labels be used on items that are refrigerated or frozen?
As the adhesive used is a permanent adhesive, use on refrigerated items should be okay. The labels can also be placed in freezers, but they should be first adhered at room temperate, and then frozen. Do not apply labels to already frozen materials. The labels are safe to use on food packaging but are not approved for direct contact with food.

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