Project Modern Nursery: Bassinets


For our first Project Modern Nursery in 2016, we swooning over modern bassinets. There are no rules in design and these bassinets make a statement even before they are cradling our precious bundles of joy.

  1. O-bjekt’s “Little Nest” Felt Cradle – Shaped out of one single wool felt the cradle hugs around the baby as a protective shell taking care of it’s peaceful rest. Due to perfectly simple geometry, 100% natural materials and the single-point suspension, babies can enjoy gentle care very similar to what they experienced prior to their birth.
  2. Hushamock Okoa Hammok – The leap from the womb to the real world is challenging for most babies and can result in sleep issues for the entire family. The natural swinging and rocking motion of the hammock induces sleep in babies and keeps them asleep longer.
  3. The Nest Bassinet – This bassinet was born from the desire to have a bedside sleeping option for babies. This room-sharing solution brings peace of mind to parents, so they can rest soundly knowing their baby is safe and comfortable next to them.
  4. Rockwell Bassinet – The Rockwell bassinet is synonymous with ultimate modern luxury; it is the perfect combination of beautiful materials and a soothing rock for your little one. Its streamlined chrome stand with solid walnut rocking feet is beautifully contrasted to the soft upholstered basket that can be removed and transported to different rooms in your home (or the Grandparents’ home!).
  5. So-Ro Cradle – Babies love to rock. According to research into the brain’s perception of sensory input, forward movement is the most comfortable and soothing type of motion for a baby. The so-ro cradle provides the type of motion most comfortable for babies. Its front-to-back rocking motion has a soothing effect that helps babies fall asleep. In turn, you may find yourself a calmer, better-rested parent with more energy for everyday things. With three grades of elevation at the head, the so-ro crib helps to maintain a  clear, unobstructed environment around the infant’s head. This promotes healthy breathing, and is especially helpful for infants with colds or stuffy noses.

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