Malta Arts Fund Project Proposal

LetterpressI have been extremely occupied and immersed in writing up a proposal for the Malta Arts Fund this week. It initially stated as a Keys to Culture project which was far larger, in comparison to this project, but the basic elements of the project are the same. I’ve been at the office this morning since 6am to try to complete it.. the deadline is noon and I had to take 5 copies to the office in Valletta. With things like this its always a last minute thing, but somehow I always manage it pull it off. I managed to get a lift to Valletta and rand down Republic Street as fast as my feet could carry me and my pregnant belly, I was in good time, and I even managed to buy an energy drink from the shop next door to the office, just to replenish the energy I lost on the run to get there. It was a mad rush, but I am so relieved and happy that I made it and I am, fairly please with my submission. Sure enough, the woman closed the doors at noon and no one else was allowed in, I was so glad I made it.

The news of the results will be released on the 16th of November, so my fingers, toes and eyes are crossed. Wish me luck.


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