Sixteen Days & Counting


Hospital stay November 2014

The past 16 days have been full of late nights, interrupted sleepless nights, early mornings, successful napping, disrupted napping, constant entertainment, visitors coming and going, drugs on call, unhealthy food, endless snacking and some random tattoos.

No, I have not relocated my family to a frat house, I have been at the hospital with my sweet H. It is because I have been with H at the hospital that I have, once again, fell silent here.

I am not striving for any records in this area, but this has been the longest stretch that we have stayed. On several occasions I have joked about ‘Hotel Mater Dei 5 star Deluxe’, but there is nothing 5 star about caring for your sick child at the hospital. I would like to point out, however, that we are ever so grateful to (as always) the dedicated and caring staff of doctors and nurses that take care of us so well.

It’s been tiring; emotionally, physically and mentally.

As a parent of a child who was born with medical issues, I am always very weary of things that are out of the ordinary; perhaps I worry a little too much and then in situations like this I think that I might not worry enough. More often than not, something which begins as a simple sore throat escalates into other strange bacteria and viruses infecting his little body. The first few, seemingly, endless nights were filled with cries of un-settled-ness, and all I could do was count the minutes until he could be temporarily soothed by a much needed dose of paracetamol. Whether a child has an already existing illness or not, the importance of tuning in to your child’s needs is invaluable in keeping them healthy and safe.

I rocked my little H through his tears, knowing the extreme risk I was in with my last chemo session only a week away. I was little too offended by the nurses telling me I should stay away from my son as much as I could; it only made me feel worse. And knowing it was for my own good didn’t make it any easier. I have managed with help from loving family and friends as well as random acts of kindness from strangers.

Those nights have passed, H is doing well and although I have had my last (hooray) chemo session, I will only do my celebration dance when 1) Henry is finally discharged from the hospital and 2) my last round of chemo side effects are over.

… and if you’re wondering about the tattoos… I had a CT scan which is done specifically to tattoo (permanent) the body with 3 dots before radiotherapy treatment. I laughed.


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