Spa Bachelorette

As I might have already mentioned, my sister is getting married on the 8th of September, and of course, together with her other maid of honour, we organised a bachelorette party for her.

Spa BacheloretteThe day started at The Myoka Spa at Golden Sands and we ended the day with dinner at Baia Beach Club in Little Armier, and it was all a surprise to her!

Although I had been feeling unwell on Friday, I couldn’t let my sister down after all the planning and preparations.

I gave all the guests flowers to wear and I made a cute pink veil for my sister to wear all day. I also made a note book with little envelopes and secret notes where all her friends could sign or write a special message.

My sister-in-law R went to the restaurant earlier and set up balloons, cupcakes and champagne bubble bottles, it was great.

The day went great! I made sure to keep myself hydrated at all times and snacked on crackers frequently to make sure my blood pressure was ok.

For the spa treatment, I informed them that I was pregnant and they suggested a lovely coconut milk massage – and my skin is super soft – something special is just what I needed.

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