Superhero Halloween Costume – Free Printable Pattern


Ok, now I think we can all agree that a superhero cape is great for anytime of the year – but Halloween makes it just a little tiny bit more fun.

To make your own Superhero costume, here’s what you will need:

Superhero Cape Pattern
Superhero Cuffs Pattern
Superhero Letter
Cape Back Star
Superhero Top
One plain t-shirt
Superhero Leggings
Superhero Hat or Mask
fabric for cape – 2 colours
matching colour felt squares
small piece of velcro for cape closure
One Super Kid


Print out pattern pieces (links above) – and you only need one letter for the top.

Cut pattern pieces.

Superhero Costume Cape Pattern - Free Printable


Tape the cape pattern pieces together and remember to only print the letter you need, not all the letters.

Fold the fabric you will use for the cape in half. You should have 2 colours – I chose to do red and yellow cape with red yellow and grey accents.. Pin the pattern to the fabric matching the fold line and cut.

Stitch cape star to circle and pin to the right side of the back centre of the cape.

Superhero Costume Cape Pattern - Free Printable

With right sides together, stitch all around leaving a small opening to turn the cape out.

Clip the curves close to the stitching and turn cape right side out. Iron seams all around.  Hand stitch the cape opening.

Mark where we want our closures on the neck straps to be and then attach them. Stitch velcro to neck. It is best to keep the neck loose to avoid any hazards and can be pulled off easily in case of emergency.


Stitch star motif to centre of cuff. Stitch 2 pieces of cuff together – I used red and grey to compliment the cape.


Pin lightning bold to centre of purchased t-shirt and stitch.

Superhero Costume Cape Pattern - Free Printable

Pin letter to circle and stitch onto t-shirt in the centre of the lightning bolt.

I used purchased Superhero mask motif leggings and hat that worked great with the cape and accessories.

Superhero Costume Cape Pattern - Free Printable

Take one super kid and add cape, top, cuffs hat and leggings and you have yourself a Superhero kid!

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