The Benefits of Play Dough

Any way you look at it play dough is fun but the benefits of play dough go well beyond just fun! Everything about play dough at the most basic level is about learning and exploring.

When given play dough, children are instinctively motivated to explore its soft and responsive sensory qualities. As dough responds to actions while they play, they soon begin to realise something happens to the dough with each action.

Incorporating additional textures and toys to the play experience continues to enhance the hands-on exploration. When the play dough is scented you activate the olfactory sense, making it a wonderful tool for the entire sensory system.

There are no two ways about it, play dough is fun and one of the most versatile toys around.
Ultimately play dough is an incredibly versatile open ended toy that can be turned into anything a child wants it to be, in return the child gains so much more than just playing with a toy.

It is clear to see that the benefits of play dough go well beyond just play. There are numerous ways to learn and benefit with play dough and after you’re finished it can be squished and stored away for another day.