The June Family Wedding

R’s cousin’s wedding was lovely and we had a great time! I just wish I could have enjoyed the food more. I was so super skeptical about what to eat and not eat that I barely ate a thing, and it all looked so yummy.

As we entered, we were given champagne, which I stolled around with until R finished his own glass and we swapped his empty glass for my full one… he didn’t mind a bit!

Luckily my mom had an old dress in her closet that I had forgotten at home many years ago. Not that I have a bump or anything like that, it’s just always such a problem finding something to wear for weddings… and this was perfect, a black beaded sheath dress! Now I wish I had a better photo taken.

The weather was warm and balmy but also windy. The scenery at the Upper Barrakka Gardens was magnificent and they could not have chosen a better venue. Last year when we were making plans to get married, it was one of our favourite spots, but we ended up changing all our plans and got married in Gozo, so it was obviously out of the question.

The Upper Barrakka Gardens also do a gun salute… with canons.  The bride and groom arranged to have them shot at the wedding –  it complimented the atmosphere of the evening so nicely

R and I in the late evening at the wedding

It was amusing, trying to keep our secret all night and steering clear of the unsuspecting family members who normally smoke in my presence. But we managed and R kept me clear of all types of usual ‘ordinary’ hazards.

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