The News is Out

And Just as I suspected… I didn’t manage to keep this blog updated as much as I would have liked. The last post I wrote was on the 16th of June, and today is the 29th! It’s been a tough and busy 2 weeks.

Telling the news to our families was wonderful! We first met R’s family at a local coffee shop and as we shared some drinks, R and I couldn’t help but exchange giggly glances every time we thought the opportunity was right to spill the beans… but he just couldn’t do it. The atmosphere was tense and uncomfortable because R kept telling his father to keep the smoke out of my face…. but up until the wedding on the Friday, I had never complained about the social passive smoking of family members. The coffe shop visit came to an end and on our way to the car, R suggested that we visit his parents house for a drink before we head off to Gozo. R’s sister looked at me and smiled, she knew! After several nudges, winks and text messages to each other, he finally said, ‘So what are you guys doing in February?’ I looked at R’s mom and I could see that she was counting on her fingers and quickly said – ‘you’re pregnant’. Yes! We proceeded with the joyous hugs and kisses and it was wonderful. We said our good-byes and left to Gozo.

On this trip to Gozo, my brother was coming with us and so we stopped off to pick him up from his place. He got into the car and passed R a beer (I was driving)…. he turned to me and said ‘I didn’t get you one, sorry, did you want?’ I said, ‘oh no I’m not drinking’, and of course he replied with ‘why not?’  I just said ‘I just dont feel like it.’ As if that wasn’t enough to get him suspicious, on our way, I could smell a cigarette and of course I knew R didn’t light one so I asked my brother if he did and asked him to make sure to keep it out of the window… I’m certain he’s caught on by now.

We got to my parents place and there was no way that I could wait so long to share the news! My sister was egging me on because she was just as excited! So, I waited for everyone to be in the kitchen and I started telling my sister that I was wondering if I could bring another guest to her wedding… she replied with a pretend surprised ‘what do you mean, another guest?’ My mom was at the kitchen sink, and turned around and gave a glance, and then said jokingly ‘your baby..?!’ I replied with the obvious yes. I stopped my my father, who was trying to make his way out to the backyard bbq… after my mothers third ‘true?’ it finally sank in and the tears started. My fathers reply ‘more mojitos!’  We have it all on video, thanks to my sister, and I will cherish it forever. For the rest of the afternoon, my mom would burst into happy tears and make sure that I was ok. My brother came and gave us a hug and reassured me that he had known all along, especially when I wasn’t drinking.
A little while after telling them, my sisters fiance came by and as we sat on the bench outside, my brother looked at me and said, ‘so where will you put the baby’s room?’ since he had his glasses on, you couldn’t tell who he was looking at and since, my sisters fiance M was sitting right to me, he couldn’t tell who he was looking at… and M’s face was priceless! We then explained that I was the one who was pregnant and there were no other surprises.

One father’s day we weren’t soon going to forget.

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