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As if I didn’t have enough on my plate, I’m going to try to keep up with a blog….god knows I have tried so many times to start this and make it a regular thing, but so many other things, (like work) get in the way.

I’m not one to give up and as the saying goes, ‘if at first you don’t succeed…’ you know the rest. And this brings me to my more important and relevant point, why, I am, in fact attempting to write this blog again. R and I have been trying for a baby for a couple months, and just last week, we found out that we were, in fact, in our 5th week of pregnancy. After the tears of fear, joy, surprise and R’s glug of whiskey at 9am, we giggled and haven’t stopped since.


I don’t know if anyone will be able to relate, but all the other months we tried, I knew that we weren’t pregnant, and this time, even before taking the test, I just knew. I don’t know, R is convinced on a daily basis of how nuts I am, because I really can’t explain it, but I felt ‘different’. Apart from the major bloating and feeling full all the time, I have had no cravings or nausea, just major bloating, I look like I am already 3 months pregnant… weird, but apparently normal.

So,  I have been inspired to share the experiences that await us on this wonderful journey ahead. Today marks the start of our 6th week and we are so very excited, we just can’t wait to break the news. Fearing that our excitement was premature, I took a second pregnancy test yesterday, right before going to the wedding – R suggested that if I did it late in the day and it still came out positive, it was sure to be correct. Took the second test yesterday at 5pm, and it was also, as I suspected, positive !

We initially thought we would wait for at least 2 months before telling our families, but we just can’t do it, and I really feel that telling our immediate family will give me less stress to make sure I don’t blurt out anything silly prematurely. Mind you R admitted that he, too, was scared of blurting out the news in an unplanned way. We have decided that tomorrow will be the day, (Father’s Day – 17 June) and will add to the already joyous and food filled day we spend with our families.

Yes – another thing that has been making me a bit (more) crazy – the food. There is all this literature about what to eat and drink and what not to eat and drink and if you’re not prone to mental-ness, you’ll get there soon. At the wedding last night I barely ate anything for fear of it being wrong or bad, which is another reason we need to tell our families, especially since most encounters with our families involve food (copious amounts of it) me not eating certain things has been getting strange looks and inquisitive stares – since when do I not eat shellfish. Luckily both my sister and R’s sister were in on it and have been quite supportive when it came to secretly exchanging plates or emptying foods into R’s plate. My brother, completely  oblivious, stared at me blankly when I refused the delicious seafood dinner my mother prepared and when I was not in on sharing a shellfish platter a few weeks ago when we all went out for his birthday. At one point he actually just stared at me, shook his head in disbelief and mumbled god knows what…. so yes, we need to tell our families, tomorrow.

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