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Gear Review - Swoop - A Bird with a French Fry

When a family friend gave Henry a box of Lego 6 months ago, I couldn’t have possibly known how much Henry would come to love Lego.

After his love of all things construction, he now has a passion for Lego. What is especially fun is seeing him create his own construction vehicles with Lego. I am all for creativity and building – play is learning.

Before I knew it, Lego bricks started to accumulate and I was quickly faced with the need for space to store and room to play. Enter Swoop.

Gear Review - Swoop - A Bird with a French Fry

Story Of Swoop®

Being a little obsessed over story and design, I was so drawn by the story of how Swoop® started. Generations of parents have been trying to keep things tidy, and the original design was made by one very creative grandmother back in 1978!

What is Swoop®?

In short, the Swoop® is a toy bag and playmat in one! Play, store and carry all at the same time. The bags come in 100% cotton canvas or tough, water-resistant fabric and available in so many great colours. I had a hard time choosing just one colour I liked, but I was very happy with our choice of True Blue!

Play area/Size

When the Swoop® is open it measures 44″/111cm diameter when opened, so it’s a pretty good space to ‘play in’ as well as store loads of Lego bricks (we use it for Lego, but other toys can also be used). Sometimes Henry likes to sit in the Swoop and other times only Lego is ‘allowed’ in his Swoop®. A Mini Bag is available and I actually think it would be a great travel companion.

Easy Tidy Up – Less Stress for Moms

On top of being great storage and play space, it has saved me time (and coaxing) during cleanup time. Without protest, he loves to ‘swoop’ up the bag and everything is done. Henry grabs on to the durable nylon cord and pulls until the bag is closed and all the lego is collected.



Gear Review - Swoop - A Bird with a French Fry


Gear Review - Swoop - A Bird with a French Fry

3. Swoop!

Gear Review - Swoop - A Bird with a French Fry


Kids will be kids and sometimes even snacks and crumbs get mixed up in our Swoop® but the bag can be washed in cold machine wash and hung to dry.

Gear Review - Swoop - A Bird with a French Fry

So, to save space, your sanity and keep kids happy a Swoop® bag makes a great addition to any kids room.

Plus, every parent knows the never ending slew of swear words that can be emitted when you step on a Lego brick, save yourself the cursing, get a Swoop®.

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