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We’re more than half way through our Advent Calendar, we’ve only managed to break 2 – scratch that – 3 as I write this – ornaments from the tree, the stockings are patiently waiting to be filled by jolly old Santa (aka Mommy & Daddy) and the ingredients for my favourite Christmas cookies haven’t even made it onto the shopping list.

And then there are the Christmas gifts. Gifts for husbands, wives, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends. And I battle the same problem every year – choosing gifts that are meaningful, beautiful and useful for everyone on my list. I often visit markets and fairs during the holiday season and discover great items and brands that make perfect gifts for friends and loved ones. And it was at a fair I attended a few years ago that I discovered PlanToys®.


Have you ever come across a brand that you immediately fell in love with? PlanToys® has been one of those brands for me. After my initial research about the brand I was surprised to find out that the toys had been in production for over 30 years and even happier to learn that the company has a strong commitment to Green and Sustainable production of their toys.

The moment I walked up to the PlanToys® stand at the fair, I was immediately attracted to the colourful selection of toys and their beautiful and colourful designs. Henry being a year and a half old and at the time obsessed with busses, set his eyes on the bright yellow Activity Bus. It was his first toy from the PlanToys collection and a year later it’s still one of his favourite toys.


The Activity Bus comes with 2 figures, 3 classroom chairs, a map/board, and ‘books’ for the shelf when the bus opens up and is converted into a classroom.DSC_2830


Like all PlanToys®, the Activity bus is made from natural rubber wood trees that no longer produce latex.  To strengthen the wood of the toys, a chemical-free kiln-drying process is used along with certified E-Zero formaldehyde-free glue in place of traditional toxic wood glue.



The organic colour pigment that is used on the toys is safe for children as well as the environment, and the water based dyes do not contain chemicals, lead or any other heavy metals which means that the toys are safe for children of all ages.


At our house, the bus is often rolled around while singing the favourite bus-themed song, and often used to develop imaginative stories in a classroom school bus. Like all PlanToys® I have seen, there is focus on development, learning, and creativity with the highest standards for every age level. It’s no surprise they have won so many awards over the years


And now that Henry is older, he creates scenarios with other characters that can join the bus tour or go to school.

You can purchase the PlanToys® Activity Bus from Bo & Russell, and you can have a look at all the other toys in stock for all ages.

If you’re still wondering about a special gift for a little one on your list, head on over to Bo & Russell‘s Facebook page and we have no doubt you’ll love the Activity Bus and any other toy from the PlanToys collection as much as we do.

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