Trade Fair & Popcorn

Had a meeting at the Trade Fair today – and while we were going we thought it would be a great idea to visit the farmers market and go the Trade Fair after so we can check out some stuff we need to buy.

HA! We got the the farmers market – there were only 3 vans – and nothing very interesting to buy. Nevertheless, we bought soem small yellow plums, cantaloupe, some round zucchini for stuffing and these gorgeous brown mushrooms! So it wasn’t all that bad. But it was early – 550pm – and the Trade Fair didn’t open till 630pm! At least we parked close to the entrance!

R suggested we get an ice cream to entertain ourselves and cool down a bit in the scorching heat! I got a slushie and R got vanilla and strawberry ice cream from one of these vans that are always parked outside any event establishment – and charging an arm and a leg, because people are always quite desperate in this heat to find ways to cool down. So we got our slushie and ice cream topped with nuts, a wafer and a flake bar-yes it’s like I already have a child)  and we walked away to find a bench to sit on. Of course, in the scorching sun, ice cream is not exactly the best thing to have, and especially not in a cone – and my dear husbands ice cream melted away onto his shirt – twice ! See, its just like having a child -except this one hates getting his clothes dirty – so its just hilarious.

We finished our refreshment, no more spilled ice cream and we made our way to the Trade Fair entrance.

  • We casually strolled through the booths and almost bought a solar water heat which we don’t need because the salesman was so good – it was hilarious and verging extremely annoying.
  • Met our colleagues for a meeting until about 815pm
  • They asked me to judge an art competition which took till 930
  • I was starving! and feeling very weak and shaky and needed food asap

But if anyone has ever been to the Trade Fair on a hot summer night in Malta, you’ll know that as night falls and there are food stalls – its going to be a wait. Wanted to get some fries – no chance, the que was so long. We passed a vending machine so I spotted a bag of Tastees (I needed salt) but as luck would have it – I put in the 50c and the back rolled out of its little line and got stuck between the row and the glass! unbelievable! R started to get nervous and made his way out to the entrance – pizza shop – long line! Popcorn stand – how difficult and time consuming could it be to get a small bag of popcorn – apparently very time consuming considering there were 4 people before us in line for cotton candy – and cotton candy that was mile high and mile wide! Managed to get this popcorn and as I munched away, I felt much better.

We have a rule though now – a strict one at that – I must, at all time, carry a small pack of salted crackers and a bottle of water!

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