Valentine Hearts Wall Hanging DIY Craft

A Bird with a French Fry - Valentine Hearts Wall Hanging DIY Craft

This is a really fun and cute craft that you can make with supplies that you already have at home. This craft also allows for individual creativity and you can easily substitute shapes, colours and materials and to be as creative as you’d like. The focus of this DIY craft is fine motor skills teaching basic stitching and it is easy enough to guide younger children and fun and engaging enough for older kids to allow for open creativity.

A Bird with a French Fry - Valentine Hearts Wall Hanging DIY Craft

Here is a list of the supplies you’ll need a brief instructions follow, and you can follow along on my YouTube video.


coloured yarn
small hold punch
large hold punch
plastic needle
thick needle or thin crochet hook
wooden beads
heart template
pipe cleaners (optional)


Trace and cut out one large heart and three small hearts.

Cut each heart out of cardboard.

Punch large holes at the top and bottom of each heart.

Make small holes all around each heart.

Stitch through the holes and tape the ends of the yarn to the back.

Make your tassels using yarn following instructions in my video.

Hand tassels from each heart.

String longer lengths of twine and hang the small her hearts from the larger heart.

Tie a bow to the top of each heart.

String a twine through the top of the heart to be able to hang your heart.

Follow along on my you tube video to get the complete instructions on how to complete this craft.

Let me know how it goes and don’t forget to tag your images with #ABWFFcrafts if you’re on instagram. And if you like this craft, visit my YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe.

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